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Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence with a diploma in the Decoration industry. Bachelor's degree in the subject of art conservation entitled:
"The Damages and the Application of Conservation in the Images of Byzantium".
Professor Maricetta Parlatore Melega.



1998 Ceramics Courses, Ceramics Laboratory Georgia Moraitou, Thessaloniki, Greece
1992 - 1993 Attending free and naked model courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence Italy.
1989 - 1991 Course attendance of Decorative Applications: interior decoration & Window Design, 2 years duration, in the Dimitreli Organization in Thessaloniki, Greece



2018 - Palm & White Art Concept House opens at Kea Island.

2009 - 2018 Free Lancer Artist
10/02 - 2009 eSTi - Stella Papanikolaou - individual company of decoration, manufacture and trade of handmade items and faux bijoux with headquarters in Glyfada, Attica.
12/01 - 06/02 Riccardo Barthel & C. S.A.S - Company for the sale and manufacture of furniture, tiles, sanitary and kitchen furniture. Sales consultant, design and design of indoor, sanitary and decorative items in the store
11/99 - 06/01 Moda Bagno N. Varveris A.E. - Sales consultant at the Interni Office Thessaloniki branch of the Moda Bagno group of companies. Assignment of studies on decoration and equipment of business premises.
10/99 - 03/00 I.E.K. Triandria - Thessaloniki, Photography and Decorator in the courses:
1. "Discovery: Lab Disolve Technique"
2. "Materials Market Research"
07/98 - 08/99 Link - Thessaloniki, workshop for the manufacture of decorative objects. Co-owner, study and manufacture of artistic decoration items.
01/98 - 06/98 Puppet Workshop Artemis Makridou - Thessaloniki. Collaboration with A.Makridos on paper doll constructions.
02/96 - 11/96 Collaboration with the painter Gabrielle Mossa in the production of theatrical masks and preservation of bronze statues, in Florence.



09/01 Hollywood Museum in collaboration with the Thessaloniki International Fair. Study and construction of a showroom on "History of the Currency from Antiquity to the Euro".
07/01 Study and manufacture of decorative objects of the restaurant - Bar Africa Café, Platanitsi, Halkidiki.
05/00 - 08/00 Study and manufacture of decorative objects at Disco - Bar Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos.
11/99 Thessaloniki International Film Festival, play "100 Objects to Represent the World" - directed by Peter Greenaway, collaboration in the design and construction of scenography.



08/01 Municipality of Komotini: study for the preservation and restoration of frescoes (stamped in '900), Pierakis House - Sarakatsani Association and Ditsoglou House.
01/01 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: maintenance and restoration of the statue "Satellite".
06/00 - 08/00 Municipality of Thessaloniki: preservation and restoration of frescoes, in collaboration with the conservator Dionysis Kapizionis, building of the Department of Antiquities of Thessaloniki, 47 Mouson str., Ano Polis, Thessaloniki.
02/99 - 06/99 Maintenance and painting restoration of frescoes of neoclassical building (late 800) of Iktinou street 17, in collaboration with painter Konstantinos Palian and the conservator Dionysis Kapizioni, Thessaloniki.



04/99 - 05/99 Participation with lighting on the 1st Art House exhibition of artists in the exhibition area of Mylos Thessaloniki,
06/97 Participation in an exhibition of selected works of painting by students of the School of Fine Arts of Florence presented by Director. Of the Domenico Viggiano Academy at the Distretto Militare Cultural Center in Florence.
01/95 Participation in the second exhibition of painting and sculpture from the collective work of "Gruppo Spazio" (a group of fifteen artists) at the Spazio Uno showroom in Florence.
01/94 Participation in the first exhibition of painting and sculpture of "Gruppo Spazio" at the Spazio Uno showroom in Florence.

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